Global Citizen Week
Cairo - Egypt
April 22nd - 25th

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About Global Citizen Week

In 2023, for the first time, IMI and Outbound Group joined forces to co-host Global Citizen Week in Saigon.

We promised you’d get both business development and peer-to-peer discussions, all in a comfortable and pleasant setting. And we delivered.

Following the astonishingly positive feedback from Saigon, we decided to continue our cooperation to offer another unbeatable all-in-one event series, this time in an even more exotic location.

Get ready to experience the magic of Cairo, the ancient cradle of civilization and the modern-day megacity.

Home to more than 22 million, Greater Cairo is the largest urban area not only in Africa but also in the Middle East. Egypt has a fast-growing population of 110 million, of whom more than 16,000 are HNWI, making it Africa’s second wealthiest country.

One of the hottest outbound markets for investment migration, Egypt has recently become a notable inbound market as well, thanks to wide-ranging reforms to its citizenship by investment program, which now allows those who invest $300,000 in open-market real estate to become citizens.
This one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive offering is dubbed, “Global Citizen Week” and kicks off its second edition in Cairo, Egypt.
Who should attend:
• Investment Migration Professionals
• Private Wealth Practitioners
• Tax Planners
• Corporate Service Providers
• Project Developers
• Law firms
• Other international solution providers
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Egypt e-Visa is an Electronic Travel Authorization to enter Egypt. Egypt offers e-visa for more than 100+ countries. Travelers can apply for e-visa online and receive electronic travel authorization in PDF format. Upon arrival in Egypt, travelers can show a printed copy of the visa letter and get their passport stamped.
Feel free to learn more about e-visa processing steps and get an e-visa through the Egypt government e-visa portal.

Schedule of Events

Day 1: Greet

The Night Before on the Moghul Terrace

As is our custom, we’ll warm up for the days ahead with a leisurely open-air cocktail, co-hosted by IMI and Outbound Group, to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.This time, however, our Night Before event will have a one-of-a-kind backdrop: The Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one of them still standing. The 4,600-year-old structure was the tallest in the world for four millennia.As you sip your cocktail and have a bite in the balmy Cairene spring evening on the Moghul Room Terrace, the Great Pyramid is but a couple hundred meters away – so close you can almost touch it.As always, the drinks are on us.

Day 2: Build

Outbound Summit Day at Khalifa Ballroom

Outbound Group will host its Outbound Summit in the Khalifa ballroom & exhibition, giving international solution providers an unparalleled opportunity to meet with hundreds of potential partners & clients from Egypt and the MENA region. Drawing on their 15 years of experience in B2B conferences, the Outbound Summit at Global Citizen Week promises to deliver an audience comprised of the most sought-after decision-makers who are shaping the industry.

Day 3: Connect

IMI Connect Day at Eugenie Garden

Eugenie Garden at MENA House will be our base while in Cairo. We’ll ensconced ourselves in this serene refuge from the commotion of the metropolis, surrounded by 40 acres of scented gardens.Built in 1869 in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, the hotel has played host to kings and emperors for generations. Visitors describe the interior, which is furnished with original art and antiques, as “more of a royal residence than a hotel.”This is where we’ll host our IMI Connect Day, our uniquely well-received, guest-centric format: Closed doors, open discussions. No clients, no government, and no media. This day is just for us, dedicated to no-holds-barred debates our community has come to know and love. Food, beverages, and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

Day 3 Evening: Dine

IMI Connect Dinner Cruise on the Nile

For some, the main event will no doubt be our customary IMI Connect Dinner Cruise – this time, of course, on the Nile: The world’s longest river and the backbone of Egyptian civilization since literally the Stone Age. The IMI Connect Dinner Cruise on the Nile will also, of course, include our famous Investment Migration Trivia Contest. With many former champions among our guests, the title is sure to be hotly contested this year.

Day 4: Explore

Excursion to the Pyramids

We would be remiss if we brought you to Egypt without also arranging for you to see its main attraction: The pyramids of Giza. Join your friends and colleagues for an all-inclusive, guided excursion to the pyramids, and write it all off as a business expense with a clear conscience. The excursion, which is co-hosted by IMI and Outbound Group, is an optional feature of Global Citizen Week, and tickets must be bought separately.






Managing Director
Crystal Business Solutions Kft

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Spark Group

Join Us for a Week of Unforgettable
Experiences in the African Megacity of Cairo

  • Apr 22, 2024 WELCOME
  • Apr 23, 2024 B2B
  • Apr 24, 2024 IMI
  • Apr 25, 2024 LUNCH
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Pre-Sale Conference Ticket Pricing

  • 4 EVENTS
  • 4 EVENTS
  • 4 EVENTS

Marriott Mena House, Cairo

ADDRESS Marriott Mena House, Cairo
MAIL TO US [email protected]
Phone +1 757 839 4344


Marriott Mena House, Cairo

About the Venue

Cutting through the vast golden deserts of Egypt, the vein of life that is the Nile leads to the majestic and historic city of Cairo, and to your luxurious stay at Marriott Mena House. Surrounded by 40 acres of lush gardens, with the breathtaking Great Pyramids of Giza standing proudly as they have for thousands of years, you will enjoy all the comforts of the modern world with the ancient wonders just outside your door. Step into your room and relax in splendor in the spacious open design, with high ceilings and sliding glass doors letting in abundant natural light. With a rich contemporary style, plush furnishings, and beautiful wood floors, each room is like an elegant home away from home, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings. At Mena House Oberoi, explore all that Cairo has to offer, and rest in luxuries pharaohs could only dream of.

Address 6 Pyramids Road, Cairo, 12556


Please make your online reservation at the group discounted rates via the link below if you would stay at the Marriott MENA House, Cairo where the events are held.
For any inquiries regarding hotel booking please contact email address below and indicate it’s for the event starting April 22nd, OUTBOUND INVESTMENT GROUP event
[email protected]

Click the Link to Book at your group rates for Outbound Investment Group
  • Deluxe Garden Room: USD 395/ USD 450 for the single/double stay
  • Grand Deluxe Room: USD 575/ USD 630 for the single/double stay

1) The above room rates inclusive of the service charge and applicable taxes at 28.96% are quoted per room per night, based on bed, breakfast, and internet.

2) The group reservations will be made by individuals via the hotel’s secured reservation link by the below cut-off dates.
A. 1st Cut-off date: 12th of February, 2024
B. 2nd Cut-off date: 07th of March, 2024 (Any requested rooms after this date will be eligible for the best available rate at that time and subject to the hotel availability.)

3) The payment link will be sent to the guests individually upon receiving the email address once the reservation request is received, and the payment link is valid for 24 hours from receiving the link.

4) The payment is not refundable, i.e. canceled rooms will be charged for full stay cancellation fee.

5) Upon arrival the guests will be kindly asked for a credit card as a guarantee or a cash deposit payment.

You can also consider several hotels near the Marriott Mena House, Cairo with the below reservation links.

Address: 5 Hadayek Al Ahram, Kafr Nassar, Al Haram, Giza, Egypt (7 mins from Marriott MENA House by walking) 

The online reservation link on:

Address: 5 Hadayek El Ahram Haram, Al Remaya, Giza, Egypt (5 mins from Marriott MENA House by walking)

The online reservation link on:

Address: 48 Hadik El Ahram, St. Remaya Square, Giza, Egypt (15 mins from Marriott Mena House by walking)

The online reservation link:

Gallery - Global Citizen Week Vietnam 2023

Joao Pagani Toscano

Joãos journey into entrepreneurship and business began at an early age, influenced by
discussions about investments, financial markets, capital gains, and dividends.
Unsurprisingly, he went on to study Business Administration and Management and,
during this academic journey, skilfully navigated the delicate balance between career and education. With a grounding in entrepreneurship and business language, Joãos
early exposure to financial concepts paved the way for a remarkable career trajectory.

Between Madrid and Lisbon, he takes on the crucial role of monitoring the companys professional contacts with the commercial partners responsible for promoting the companys projects worldwide.

Beyond financial milestones, João measures his success as a leader by the confidence he instills in his team, which is the ultimate recognition of his leadership.

Laszlo Kiss
Managing Director
Crystal Business Solutions Kft

Laszlo Kiss is the founder, owner, and managing director of Discus Holdings Ltd., a group of companies that provide investment migration, corporate, financial, and tax planning services.

Discus, based in Malta and founded in 2013, has won concessions in recent years, including ones for the Hungarian residency bond program, the Malta Residence and Visa Program, and one citizenship license in Montenegro. Discus provides help with applications for residency permits in the United Kingdom, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, the UAE, and many other countries. It also helps with citizenship applications to Vanuatu, Malta, Turkey, and all Caribbean nations. Discus has 12 offices worldwide.

Laszlo, who lives in Europe, has more than 31 years of experience in international immigration, business, and tax structuring. His professional background includes founding the largest privately-owned consultancy firm in Hungary to offer tax and corporate structuring and immigration solutions. In 1998, Laszlo was appointed the Honorary Consul General to represent the Republic of Seychelles, an archipelago with 115 islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

He has a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management from Budapest Business School and a Master’s in economics from Corvinus University of Budapest. He has been a member of the International Tax Planning Association since 2004 and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners since 2006. He has been a founding member of the Investment Migration Council since 2015.

Laszlo speaks English, German, and Russian.

João Baptista
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Spark Group

João is the CEO and co-founder of the Spark Group.

He has several years of experience globally in various industries including finance, real estate, and management consulting. João is a specialist in business strategy with an extensive track record in investing in Portugal.

He holds a Master’s in International Business from the HEC School of Management, France, and a Degree in Management from Nova School of Business, Lisbon.